If you’re one of the more than 45,000 registered boaters in Florida, you should know that your homeowner’s insurance policy does not protect your craft against theft or damage. Whether you’re out on the water fishing, sailing or just cruising, Cato Insurance Group can insure your boat so you are never left high and dry.

Boat Insurance includes:

  • Physical Property Damage coverage insures your boat, motor, and trailer for theft, vandalism, or damage by wind, hail, lightning, fire, or explosion. Emergency service, wreck removal and other boat equipment are also covered.
  • Watercraft Liability provides legal representation and insurance if you or your boat causes damage to a dock, another boat or a person.
  • Uninsured Watercraft is optional coverage that insures you if you’re involved in a hit-and-run accident or with an uninsured boater.
  • Personal Possessions pays for the loss of whatever equipment or gear you have on your boat.
  • Boat Equipment insures typical accessories such as anchors, life jackets and navigational gear.
  • Up to $1,000 in Emergency Services is additional coverage for towing or emergency services for your boat or trailer.

Cato Insurance Group writes boat insurance policies for boats of all sizes. Click here for a free quote or
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